Sunday, November 02, 2008

not a blog

"Are you all bloggers?"

"Hahaha, what?!? No. No! I can assure you, NO!"


"Why are you ashamed to call yourself a blogger?"

"Because, one, bloggers are idiots and two, I am NOT a blogger."

"You have a blog..."

"Look, I also play football. I don't call myself a footballer. I play golf. Heck I play golf more often than I update my website. I don't call myself a fucking golfer, do I? I also edit my website, but that doesn't make me an editor, no?"

"Hmmm...that kinda makes sense in a way"

"Ya think!? Heck, bloggers are people who sit around at home bumming around doing nothing useful and seemingly do this shit to make a living"

"Those are PRO-bloggers!!"

"What rubbish? I am an engineer. That is what I do for a living. I don't call myself a fucking PRO-engineer, do I?"

"Ha ha"


so the new definition of a "blogger" is "one who blogs for a living"? what are the rest of us with no ads called? "website-maintainers"?

In your case, you would be called a 'medical student'. If people wish to know, you can add that you also have a website.

If having a blog makes you a 'blogger' what should you call someone who has an email address and mails people?


The word 'blog' pisses me off.
It's not even a proper acronym. Or a short form.


aha. all about identity eh?

Actually how many of them making a living by blogging ah? For me blogging is more like a habit or hobby than a job. So, the term used on the person who is doing something, usually is 'something'+'er'; Eg. rider, mover, writer, etc... You do not need to put on that title for a long time, as long as you are blogging, then you are a blogger at that moment. Apart from that, it's ok when you claim yourself not to be a blogger.

But part of me still feel that you are a blogger though you denied. It's the same, you had a cigarette, you lit a cigarette and you take a puff. You are a smoker. You says "No, I just occasionally smoke to get my mind freshen up. I don't usually smoke de~". Well, you are still a smoker. Taking more of it just makes a heavy smoker, but still a smoker.

I don't know what's with "blogger" to you. To me, it's fine. I'll still continue to view your post regardless your status.


I should put 'blogger' on my CV :)

So people who wank will be forever known as a wanker too?

the term "pro blogger" is to be used like "pro golfer" or "pro gamer" and so on.

These are the kind of activities that one can do professionally or not (i.e. as a hobby, recreation, etc).

When they do it as profession, they put the "pro-" on. So hope u can understand why some blogger say they are pro bloggers.



As long as you are still wanking, you are a wanker. Unless you quit, same goes to blogger.


hahah, omfg, good one vincent! been a long time since i've read your story and honestly, begin to detest the word blog and how people loves call themselves a blogger, and actually prouds of it.

i always like your bitchlog despite some people tells me 'he's boring/dull' whenever these bloggers people ask me what site i like to go and read.

never stop bitching. :D


ebb: Who are these people?!?! Me boring?! WTF man......... :P

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