Tuesday, December 09, 2008

this is cap

This is ubbish. My keyboad is oicially ucked.

See i you can igue out which keys ae spoilt? I'll would gie you a hint but I don't think you ae that etaded. Actually this is un. Enjoyable, in act. Because chatting with people on MSN, I am oced to think o synonyms so that my sentences make sense.

As an example, I can't say ca, so I say automobile. I can't say ATAU, so I say altenatiely. Well, it's still nonsense, but at least "altenatiely" makes moe sense than "o". Then, I came acoss the most itating (annoying) wod that is 3 lettes long, stats with APH, ends with _ome (1st lette - Julius Cease's place) and sounds like the English wod 2+2 EMPAT.

You see what I did thee?


I thought I could use the numbe to subsitute the wod, just like 15 yea old blogges do, but een that numbe is ucked!!!

Oh, so yeah, I shouldn't say UCK eithe cause its sounds so stupid, so I hae to epogam my habit o calling people *ucke*s and call them assholes instead. Altenatiely cheebais, because that woks too.

Let's see...

This Chistmas, I need a new laptop, plus some money to shit house. No wait, that didn't sound betul. I need money to moe house. Dammit, cannot also. I NEED MONEY TO PINDAH TEMPAT KEDUDUKAN SAYA. Hmph! 1st sentence that made sense! I would tell you the stoy on why I need to moe but that's gonna be a long stoy and I think you wouldn't want to baca the stoy this way.

UCK it.

SCEW it.

I am going to sleep.

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hhehhehe so__y Vincent, I _eel _o_ you.
(Translated literally : maaf Vincent, saya berperasaan untuk awak, but that is SOOOO not right!!)


ha ha that is funny, Vincent. your Toshiba laptop is gone. um.. actually my Toshiba is almost the same. the different is.. i changed my keyboard few months ago which doesn't really work well too. i can't key in N few weeks ago. it is really NOT GOOD. um.. wish you get a better one for your christmas ha ha :P mega sale is started now what?! go hunt for one if you have $$ in your pocket

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