Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wrap up

There should be a checklist somewhere...
  • Health? Good. Not a single MC taken since I first started working 3 years ago.
  • Money? Good. Company pays a nice hefty bonus for a good performance.
  • Career? Good. New position for the new year.
Don't really know what else to ask for beside that, really. Contrary to popular believe I am a happy person, easily content at what life brings.

Then there should be another checklist for next year. Checklist, not resolutions mind you, because resolutions are pointless.

Sit for and pass Level 1 CFA. Preferably in July. Otherwise December also can. Not because I need it, but just because I want to say I can do it. If you are a Finance person and would like to tell me that I am a lunatic for wanting to do it for the fuck of it, well save your breath. No less than 3 of my close friends have told me that only crazy people do a CFA 'for the fuck of it'. So yes, I have been told that I am mad. Nothing new there.

Then I wanna climb Kinabalu. Then climb Tahan.

Yeah, very disjointed. Not like me at all. But you see, I have been spending the last 2 weeks on leave and reading 3 books, all of them about different things, and I keep hopping from book to book, and all of a different genre. First, there's King of the Godfathers which is a true story of er, The King of the Godfathers. Then there's Asian Godfathers which I think every working adult should read. And lastly Nelson Mandela's autobiography which came highly recommended by Penthesilea. All very deep stuff. Plus, I have been reading Stiglitz's Globalisation and Its Discontents for the past 5 months or so but my puny brain can't seem to absorb all the facts, so I keep re-reading the earlier chapters.

But enough talk la. I will leave you with my annual mantra, which I think you guys have read before:
I am not going to wish you an awesome year ahead, because everybody knows that's not going to happen. Inevitabliy, there will be setbacks, disappointments and heartbreaks. I do, however wish you the strength to overcome all that shit, the tenacity to piss in the wind and the guts to stare down the barrel of a gun.

And above all, to enjoy the new year.


Happy New Year Vincent, hope your bonus is an extremely generous one :)

Happy new year to you too dude!

Lets meet up and discuss little boys' things. ;p


Happy New Year folks, thanks for the greetings.

Yeehou: What little boys things?


I still think you are gonna waste your money. But if you're gonna go ahead, make sure sure you proceed with balls a-blazin!!

.... (WTF, kan?)

hehe, other than that, love your annual mantra, I'll prolly plagiarise it one of these days. But until then, my new year wish to you is to have another awesome year without MCs!


Aiyah, this kinda thing cannot be considered a 'waste of money' la.

Buying new shirts, new shoes, new bags, supping up cars, modifying exhausts, buying new cameras...that's all 'waste of money' la. This is fine.


Happy new year. I think I should go on with something extra adventurous like your idea of climbing Kinabalu

new laptop?

happy new year, vincent.

should have climbed mt.k before the packages were introduced though.


"Health? Good. Not a single MC taken since I first started working 3 years ago."

Are. You. Serious!?!?

Not one? Half??(lol) OMG. Too crazy. But WOW! =D =D


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