Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i-am-not-shitting-you story of the day

I was queuing at the local KFC (which incidentally has suffered a big drop in business since the 'zionists' started killing innocent people). On a side note, I am not sure I fully understand what 'zionists' are and I am damn sure not many other people fully understand what that term is either. I am also not sure how fried chicken relates to missiles, but that is a story for another day.

Anyway, this bloke in front of me was ordering food for his family. He ordered a Zinger Tower set meal which came with a 'free' watch:

"Encik nak warna apa?"


"Untuk jam tangan...encik nak warna apa?"

"Oh, nak Biru. Warna Keadilan tu."

"Maaf ya, encik. Biru dah habis stok."

"Hijau boleh jugak. Warna PAS tu."

His 5 year old daughter interrupts....

"Ayah, ayah, Mimi nak warna Merah!"

"Tak boleh. Merah UMNO. Jahat tu...."

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well, a story that bizarre can only be true!

I thought people associate BN with Biru. Hurmmm.. Guess as long as its not UMNO colors.

Oh sorry, it was a SKY BLUE coloured watch.

absolutely wonderful.

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