Tuesday, January 06, 2009

vincent's lessons in life

"You men are so shallow lah"

"And that is a bad thing because....?"

"Just because she's not as good looking people don't notice her...she's way smarter, okay?"

"So what? We're not sitting for an exam here."

"So that's shallow lah!"

"Aah, so you appreciate a genetic gift of intelligence more than a genetic gift of beauty...who's being shallow now?"

"What rubbish!? Being smart takes effort, okay? All the studying, all the reading...I got my first class honours by studying a shit load okay!"

"And you don't think all those models just woke up one day and managed to look stunning by doing nothing? You had nasi lemak for breakfast and briyani for lunch...you think the models can afford to do that? You think they can indulge their every craving for chocolate? You spent hours in front of your books, they spent hours in the gym! How long do you spend in front of the mirror before you step out of your house? How long do you think they spend? Is that not time and effort? Time and effort that you and her didn't bother investing in? I like smart. Heck I love smart people. But don't demean pretty people while you're at it."


still, it is somewhat due to the inheritance what?!
an investment option - beauty or intelligence? some ppl just won't reach the highest even that they try their best - can't get the good mark or can't be the stunning star.
regardless of gender, basically i think the 1st impression we give to others is our appearance. still, the content in your brain takes an important part after ppl get to know each other more.


And here comes the feminist calvary...

anon: I don't disagree with all that. I am just saying fat people shouldn't call other people shallow just because they feel unloved. It's okay to be fat and not give a shit, but don't be fat and jealous.

ha ha vincent, please be more understanding towards their inferior emotion.
i might be fat but i will still drool at beauties. haha as what you said, i am trying to figure out how much time they spend before going out.
beautiful things attracts attention. yet please appreciate the time they spend and the artwork they have performed. when they are on diet, i am eating. do i feel contented? ya i feel i am happy doing so i am not so JEALOUS of them. ha ha i like your last sentence - don't be fat and jealous. that makes us ugly. ha ha


it never fails to amuse me how often vincent's points just whoosh over the heads of some people.

anyway, this isn't exactly pertaining to the post, but whenever i feel sorry for myself for being overweight and ugly and not getting any attention, i remember the words of the late, great estee lauder: "There are no ugly women - only women who don't care or who don't believe they're attractive."


HAHAHA, sorry la hah, but that is also a pile of crap that she used to sell her cosmetics.

Look, this is life. There are ugly people and there are beautiful people. There are smartasses and dumbasses. There are geniuses and there are morons. There are charismatic people and there are dull duds. That is how it is.

The key is knowing what you are, what you lack in and how you can use your strengths to mask your weakness.

Philosophical, but very true.


Well, GO YOU! =D =D

The world needs more people like you. Truly.


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