Thursday, February 26, 2009


You know how Manyoo has been playing for the last few months? Where the other team just turns up to play the game, but aren't really interested....and then they get steamrolled by Manyoo? I was thinking how awesome that would be - how great it must feel to keep winning and winning easy. It must make you feel superior. It surely must make you feel awesome.

But it really doesn't.

I found out today how goddamn frustrating it must be to be in their shoes.

At work, there was a huge competition between two business divisions, where teams would need to do a presentation on a project they did or an innovative leadership talk of some sort. So there I was, so gung-ho about this whole thing, I spent a whole week preparing for the presentation. And I shit you not, I spent so much time preparing, I could speak better than Anwar Ibrahim (for all his bullshit and hypocrisy, credit where credit is due, that bloke can sell a ton of sand to a bedouin).

Then, I found out only on the day before the competition that I was the only contestant in that particular category. Everybody else had submitted their entries for the other two categories. Which meant I won by default. All I needed to do was turn up and I would win. Still, I told myself, fuck it, even if I win by default, I was going up there on stage, and leave no doubt in the audiences minds that I would deserve that victory, whether or not there was a challenger. I even tweaked a major part of the presentation the night before when I got a brainwave for what I should say.

As it turned out, I nailed the presentation. Yes, I was nervous in the beginning, but I managed to iron it out pretty quick. On a side note, Tiger Woods said yesterday, just before he played in his first tournament in 8 months that he was always nervous before every game. He went on to say that the day he stopped being nervous was the day he quit, because being nervous shows you care enough for it to matter.

At the end of the event today, where they announced the winner, I remember sitting in my seat feeling absolutely underwhelmed. It was not my fault nobody else submitted an entry in that particular category. Yes, I think I would have won even if somebody did take part. But it felt very, very hollow. I went on stage, collected my trophy, smiled for the camera and returned to my seat still feeling very underwhelmed.

Of all the awards, of all the trophies and of all the achievements I have had in my life, this one was supposed to be one of the most important, certainly the most important of my career, but it turned out to be the most hollow of them all. It meant nothing. Winner by default. Bah!

I did get an 8-gig pendrive for my efforts, though.


Thanks for showing that you're human, like the rest of us...

Actually, I thought it was pretty 'un-human' because people are saying that I should be happy that I won.

different with man u though, they still had some work to do to win(even if its a little), while you had none, which explains your feelings. Always good to feel like you beat someone to a prize.

I felt it was 'human' bacause the success held no value, it was "hollow" (in your words)...

At the end of the day, our achievements can only be measured by the value we place in them.


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