Sunday, February 15, 2009

say what?!

Filler post!

I know I want to write about something, but I just can't seem to find the mood to sit and type a long arsed serious post about the idiocy of increasing the gas subsidies again.

So, here are some random quotes compiled over the last few months. Some of them are my lines, some are from friends, while one of them from the old man which is too good to leave out. Today, I share with you, the ultimate wisdom of life...

"What is your life's objective?"
"I wanna travel the world."
"What for?"
"I want to have a conversation with people of all races and religion and prove that religion does more harm than good"

"Eh, my friend told me she used a tampon for the first time that day..."
"It's good to know I am still considered the subject matter expert in this area"
"She said it felt like having a tiny dick inside her while walking.."

"...and she's damn smart too"
"That's it?"
"Well, she's loaded la. Money is always a factor what"
"So, lemme get this straight - she's richer than you, hotter than you and smarter than you"
"Er, yeah"
"So what the fuck are you bringing to the table?"
"I love her"
"HAHAHA, fuck you man. Are you like 15?!? Love, is pretending to like eating the chicken neck and feet so that your kids can enjoy the good parts. Love, is taking the bus to work so that you can save up for her birthday present. Love, is spending your last dollar on a red rose so that you can see her smile. What you're saying is not love, it's MADNESS!"
"Oh no, wait.....the last one is pretty much the same thing"

"It's fucking fun man....it's like...smoking pot while watching Borat!"

"Jim Clancy last evening asked viewers to write in on whether their government/leaders are doing the right thing during this financial turmoil.

I thought for 2 seconds.

One each for BN and PR.

Lompat masuk (perangkap) boleh tapi lompat keluar tak sah!! He, he, he!


please tell your friend's friend, if she feels anything while wearing a tampon, ask her to freaking read the manual.

and i wonder how tiny is a tiny dick...hmm :D


The tampon thing was weird. And I didn't really get the peribahasa at the end? But it's all good. I wasted 5 seconds of my life productively!



If you didn't already know, I am kinda an expert on tampons, huhuhuhu...

Please refer to the sidebar "The Great Review"

Also, that's not a peribahasa. That is Mahathir talking about the frogs.


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