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From The Star:

No one masterminding movement against use of English

KUALA LUMPUR: The movement against the use of English in the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science (GMP) on Monday denied it was being masterminded by certain groups including the opposition parties.

GMP chairman Datuk Dr Hassan Ahmad said based on what transpired at the gathering on Saturday to protest against the use of English in the teaching of the two subjects was outside the power of the GMP, and "the GMP considered their presence as an expression of their support."


"We want Pak Lah to resolve the PPSMI (teaching and learning of mathematics and science in English) issue immediately before it becomes more serious, we have good intentions in championing the principle of reverting to the old policy which had no problem in the national education system.


Yes, clearly there was NO PROBLEM and is no problem with our education system. Which explains why our universities are the pinnacle of excellence revered upon by students all over the world and why our fresh graduates are so well sought after that large MNCs need to bend over for them. Clearly, what was done before was top, top drawer.


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"We are not against the use of English as a language of knowledge but are demanding what is enshrined in the Constitution, that is, Bahasa Malaysia as the language that unites the various races in the country," he said

BM to unite various races?? educate me please...


English are much more useful around the world. BM? you can't get anywhere further than Malaysia.

sanchez: Now to be fair, I do agree that BM is an important tool to unite the races. Ever heard an Indian lorry driver communicate with the Chinese contractor? They don't speak in English, Mandarin or Tamil. It is always in BM. Heck, BM even unites a Mandarin speaking Chinese and a Cantonese speaking Chinese.

And it annoys me when the Chinese can't speak Malay fluently. Like it or not, it is the national language. TAKE THE EFFORT!

Calvin: You could also say the same about German/Hebrew/Latin/Greek/Tagalog and thousands of other spoken languages. Like I said, BM is important for the culture and heritage, but as far as Science and Technology goes, it should be English all the way.


vince: different background breeds different situations then, because at my place here its a different story but you got a point there as well. and agreed that maths and science should be taught in english, so that students can cut the learning curve gap when stepping into universities. i remembered i took quite a while to adapt to all the english terms the first time i stepped into uni. FYI, i'm from a chinese background, educated in BM.

as for our education system, personally i dont think there should be any political elements in there. plus, the results after changing the system can only be seen after 6-10 years. they should really look at a bigger picture for a longer time. the biggest victims in this tumoil will be the students...


I blame KBSR and KBSM for the deterioration of the Malaysian Education system.

Here is today's trivia question: Guess who introduced KBSR and KBSM?


That would be the same guy who renamed it from Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Melayu.

For the future my unborn kids, I just want that once they make a decision, STICK TO IT.
They can even teach it in Greek for all I care.
But I ask for consistency, not create another upheaval in the years to come.



what is wrong with your site? whenever i comes in, it always has something blocked by my google anti-popup, and also asked me to install some kind of plugin thingy. Which I never encountered from other blogspot.com site.

i am not sure you are aware of this or you are just never bother to fix it.


haha.. indeed.. 'no problem'.

The education System is fucked up as we know it. I find it incredibly ridiculous how government officials can go on rambling about every year's 'improvement' in the SPM results. They are clearly lying to no one. They're only lying to themselves that we're doing better each and every year when in fact we're just getting more and more incompetent students each year.

And mate, you in town anytime this couple of days? Not seen you on msn for a bit. Got time to head out and have a drink before I cabut?



calvin: I am aware, I THINK I know what the problem is, but I don't really bother to fix it. Too much effort.

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