Tuesday, April 07, 2009


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This was a screen shot of my FB front page just a few minutes ago.

We have one obvious PKR bloke who thinks that it is sad day for Sarawakians because the majority of the voters doesn't think his idol, Brudder Anwar is the saviour of all mankind. Apparently it is a bad thing that people don't share his political views. Why is this so?

Then, we also have an UMNO bloke who thinks it is the end of the world (okay, maybe not to that extent) but 'we' are dead because BN lost the other 2 seats. To be fair, I don't know if he means 'we' as in 'we BN supporters' or 'we Malaysians'. I certainly hope it wasn't the later.

My friend TigerJoe made an astute observation the other day:

How is a football fan like a Malaysian political observer?
The football fan will cheer even though his team benefited from a dodgy penalty decision or a wrong offside call, but will bitch like hell when his team suffers from the same crappy decisions.

What is the difference between a football fan and a Malaysian political observer?
The football fan will gladly admit he is biased.

And since we are on this topic of politics, here I am once again playing Devil's Advocate. Why on earth is everybody demanding a removal of ISA? The evil Western overlords who once upon a time critisized us for it all now have some sort of law that allows for detention without trial.

Of course it should only be used for terrorists and evil people, but hey, 'evil people' is a very subjective term, no?

And besides, I would like a show of hands, if you were in a position of power, how many of you will voluntarily give up a tool which would allow you to destroy people who got in your way? I am not asking if you would use it as a wildcard. I am asking if you would give up that wildcard. Would you would play Monopoly and throw away your get-out-of-jail-free card? You don't have to use it, but will you throw it away?

Be honest, now.

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my vote: i will throw it away. if a person in power is _______ (all positive ethics u can think of) enough, you will not need to use it at all.

The word should be latter and not later.. dumbass...

Oh, no! I committed a sin! I made a speling mestake!

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