Wednesday, April 22, 2009

technology blonde

You know those old people who go, "What is this Internet, ah?"

I reckon, in about 40 to 50 years I would be that old bloke.

Back in the day when I was studying in the UK and grocery shopping was a weekly routine, I had friends who ordered their groceries online and got them delivered straight to their doorstep. It was free delivery and everything if you bought more than 50 pounds worth of items, which was pretty easy if you shopped together with your housemates.

But I never did dig that crap. I always preferred walking (or taking the bus if I was lazy that day) to Sainsbury's, pushing the trolley from aisle to aisle, queuing up with OAPs (old age pensioners) and pikeys. Then, I would lug all those biodegradable plastic bags all the way to the bus stop, catch the bus, and then lug it another 5 minutes from the bus stop to my house.

These days, I still prefer to pay my electricity bill and water bill at the post office. I know it is a bitch to queue up, plus I have to go during lunch hour, but again, I prefer to go to the ATM, withdraw all that money and queue for half an hour in the post office with the village folk.

I know it makes no sense and I am supposed to be a smart guy and all, but I hate the impersonal mask of technology, so I do things the hard way. Now this is a funny thing because I never claim to be a people person.....so I can only conclude that I don't bother learning new stuff that I am not the least bit interested in.

Okay, I know it's not hard paying bills online, but I just don't want to.

It's like twitter. I don't get it....very fun meh?

My phone battery ran dead the other day, so I asked my friend if I could borrow his phone. He whipped out his HTEC (HTC?!?!) and handed it to me. I looked at the thing. Stared at it. Looked back at him....."How to dial ah?"

Then just now, on Facebook, this friend of mine updated his user status "No electricity in neighbourhood, mozzies eating me alive".

I messaged back, "No electricity then how is your modem powered up?"

"Blackberry my friend :) wonders of mobiles!"




you will be amazed what technology and gadgets can do for u nowadays =)


LOL! Are you kidding me?? Paying your bills online is (*ahem* one of) THE best things EVER invented. EVER. EV-VURR! Seriously, Vince. Try it out for a month -- you'll swear off the "old fashioned" way once and for all.

Why la you so stubborn against this tech tide?? You know you can't win okaay


I don't get twitter either. *shrugs*

Not sure why I'm telling you this since I'm sure you don't care, but ShadowFox has been defeated by MENJ.

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