Thursday, May 28, 2009


Susan Boyle was over-rated from day one.

Sure, it was a novelty. Old, fat, ugly woman can sing....shocking! I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard it, but then after you listen to it over and over again, and compare it with the original, you realise that she is no better than the hundreds of people who had auditioned for Fantine in Les Miserables.

And so, we get to the part of her latest performance - have you watched it? She sings Memories from Cats....and screws up the FIRST NOTE!! She does well after that, but screws up again in the middle and doesn't seem to be able to pull the higher notes.

Look woman, you got lucky the first time, but Memories is a CRAZZYYY song to sing! If you guys really are interested in Britain's Got Talent, then check out two other acts which I think should win - Diversity and Stavros Flatley.

I see NuffNang has started to re-introduce annoying pop-up ads.

Rich, I know, coming from a guy who has pop-up ads coming from his site counter. But its only there because I am too lazy to do anything about it and I like that site counter.

But sure, good on you guys. Ugly and annoying pop-ups in the corner of the screen is just as conspicuous as big ones that jump up in your face.

Note to bank managers:

If you are going to employ pretty sweet young things to sell loans, you really have to make sure they act with a certain level of professionalism. If I walk into a bank to apply for a loan worth a couple of hundred thousand bucks, I am certainly not going to pick your bank just because that pretty girl showing off her (nice) cleavage flirts with me and giggles at everything I say. She may be Olivia Wilde giving me a lap dance while making out with Megan Fox, but I still won't buy it if the deal isn't good enough.

Look woman, if you were street peddling a 3 ringgit keychain, I can understand your sales tactic, but this one really doesn't quite cut the cake. And ladies, seriously, if you want to be taken seriously at work, do yourself a favour and act appropriately.


I agree the whole Susan Boyle thing was blown out of proportion.

But Stravos? Come on! That's the same novelty thing you're talking about. It's kinda funny the first time seeing two fat naked men wobbling some dance moves, but seeing it again just makes me frown.

Diversity is a good act. But I've seen street dancing crews wayyyy better than that. But then again it's britain we're talking about, so they may be top notch. But nothing compared to the crews here.



Well, besides Stavros, Diversity and Flawless, there really aren't any other standouts.

There was this rather hot violinist chick called Sue Som but she got kicked out already.


Diversiry were the best of the lot...the fact that half the auditionees look like they're gunning for some freak show (with no help from the less than credible judges) doesn't say much for the entire programme.

Yeah I heard Susan Boyle hit the first note wrong too! But the judges made no comments about her pitching problems and it's like they'd stopped giving constructive criticism

yeah diversity was good! you can't go wrong with kids around anyway.. they're always a bonus in performances.. just see how they gave Hollie Steel a 2nd chance


Jeevs: You're missing the point here. It is meant to be a freak show! STAVROS FLATLEY MAN!!!!

TzeHui: SuBo is what made the whole world interested in the show. Without her, the finals would not have gotten as much publicity. There was no way they could afford criticizing her in the semis and risk her missing out the finals.


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