Friday, June 26, 2009


You useless, chicken shit IDIOT.

All the babbling and talking and talking and it all came to naught.

All because you screwed up. All because you didn't have the bottle to follow through.

You can make all the excuses you like, but at the end of the day, you messed up.

Your feeble excuses may have had some rational in the past. Maybe once, maybe twice.

But no amount of self consoling you do can justify this one.

For once in your life, you could have actually given your all.

You could have put in some effort.

What was there to lose?!

But no, you chose to screw up.

Now, stop walking around with your tail between your legs (at least that way there was something between the legs) and go fucking redeem yourself.



ok, wot did you do this time haa? -_-


what are you talking about?

You must be new here, haha!

Generally, things you read here are rants about all sorts of morons in general. Usually morons I observe from far, but this particular one is one quite nearby.

Hence the cryptic message that only I understand. And the bloke involved, of course.


your working partner? colleague? seriously pissed you off?

may be i can send this to my brothers and sisters at work as well

Allow me to share my 5 year blogging wisdom here.

NEVER bitch blog about colleagues.

NEVER bitch blog about friends you care about.

NEVER bitch blog about family.

You guys are free to trash everything else though..


Hmkay. Starting with the man in the mirror then, are you.

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