Wednesday, June 10, 2009

of twitter and pointlessness

Did you know I am on Twitter?

Well, not me per-se, but our HantuBola thing is. This twitter thingy is confusing. TigerJoe and I are too much of dinosaurs to embrace new technology on our own. No prizes for guessing who started forcing new technology down our recalcitrant throats.

As I was saying, it was confusing. Do I need to pay for it? Why were all these people on Facebook calling themselves @katherinelee and @crapman? Was it some sort of email address that I missed out? Why are people telling me what they are eating? I have my own stress being stuck in traffic jams so what makes you think I want to share your stress when you are stuck in jams? And how are these people updating in the car? Oh boy, I have not been exposed to this much technology since I learnt on my second day of using the Internet that I could find (fake) naked pictures of Sandra Bullock.

Anyway, as I was saying - Twitter. Yes, so the fella started asking us to use it for HantuBola, which I thought was a pretty nifty idea since we could tweet (oh my, all the new terms!) when watching games and it was cool for taking the piss, which is crucial in football. Of course as you would expect, someone like me doesn't have 3G on the phone and even if I did I was not about to pay whatever the going rate is. So anyway, I signed up for my own twitter account (@vbglau - DOH, whatelse?!) so that I could get onto @hantubola (yah, I thought I needed to - sue me).

To cut an already long story short, I have a twitter account which I have never ever used or sent out a tweet. BUT. Vincent, being Vincent, already has 4 followers - 3 babes and a dude (HI!!!!! *waves frantically*). It's actually quite good knowing that I still have a few readers here despite occasionally spewing out my dosh.

As for the apparently pointless dosh that is Twitter, please, feel free to follow @vbglau. Who knows? I might start tweeting one day when I get 20 followers or something (despite not using it at all). It may be pointless, but that's what I said about Facebook.

But speaking of pointlessness, have you fellas heard of the 1BlackMalaysia campaign?

What (I think) started as a statement of intent by these weird people by organising candlelight virgils to protest the Perak takeover then just got sillier and sillier (not that I think a bunch of people standing by the roadside holding up candles is genius stuff). But, as I keep saying, you are free to practice your civil liberties however you see fit as long as you don't cause chaos and you don't disturb the people who have no intention of buying into your cause.

So that's why I never did comment on the candlelight virgils (even though our police had other ideas). And then these fellas started wearing black to 'mourn the death of democracy'. Now, this started to annoy me because I like wearing black but I would like to have nothing to do with this idiotic campaign. See, I don't like walking down the street wearing my favourite black t-shirt and have people look at me and go "hmmm is he mourning the death of democrazy too? Or is he just some clueless TWIT (ah hah! see what I did here?) who likes black?" How convenient of these people to choose such a common colour and involve people who have no intention of joining the cult.

See, if they really wanted to make a statement they could ask people to wear a pink fedora with a peacock feather hanging off the top. That way, not only they can be sure that it sends a STRONG message, but the organisers get to raise funds selling the fedoras. After all, Malaysiakini needs to get its funding from somewhere, no?

And then it just got downright ridiculous.

Now, these guys are planning on wearing black, going to the local kopitiam and ordering Kopi O. Are you muppets serious?! What is wrong with you people? Telling me that you are stuck in a jam with @koneman and @crazyhorse after having lunch in SS2 with @ahbeng is pointless, but this is a whole new ball game. What is your objective? What do you want to accomplish? What is the endgame? What possible good can come out of this? You're making a statement? Remind me again - What statement is this?

On a sidenote, while I do not agree with this jump ship nonsense in Perak, people would do well to remember that that bloke Anwar started all this nonsense in the first place. Unlike the average Malaysian who has a memory span of 1 year and the average Anwar fan club member who has a memory span of 2 weeks, I seem to remember all those promises of taking over the government. I seem to remember a trip to Taiwan. And I seem to remember what happened 3 days before Perak fell.

But never mind all that.

Back to the Kopi O party. I suppose the mother of all pointlessness would be:

@democrazyman is with @dungu and a bunch of people at Old Town Kopitiam still waiting for our kopi O. Wish da Banglas wud hurry.

And then I started thinking. With this twitter thing, being pointless is not the whole point. It seems fun, doesn't it? Why did people play with that Tamagochi nonsense? Simple, pointless, mindless fun. So is Twitter, I suppose.

So perhaps I shouldn't be too harsh on these idiots then. Perhaps they are just a bunch of people who got together one day and decided, just like in school, that they should dress the same (only without the baggy jeans and long chain hanging down the pockets), hang out in the same place (you were a dork if you weren't in Sunway Pyramid every weekend) and while doing that they would 'stick it to the man' by drinking their kopi o's.

I suppose, if that's their idea of fun, then I should be okay with it. But if they are deluded enough to think that they are making a statement...well, let me put it this way. The 15 year old Goth wannabe with black eyeliners and emo-hairstyle outside Central Market thinks he is making a statement too.

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