Friday, June 12, 2009

two conversations

Between 2 women:

"Argghhh! I hate this bloody industry!"
"Long day at work, huh?"
"Fuck man, all the bloody men around. Nothing but horny men!"
"Why, what did they do?"
"I spent the whole day at the booth trying to sell the product, and the whole fucking day people kept talking to my chest!"
"Typical of men la..."
"I sit down they look, I stand up they look, I show them the product they still look!"
"Yeah, I know how you feel..."
"You know, if this happened at a bar it wouldn't be so bad. But this is serious work and I am explaining serious things! And even when they ask questions they still talk to my chest!!"

Between 2 men:

"Wahahahaha, eh dude just now at the exhibition right, got this woman at the Company X booth with damn big boobs man."
"Yeah got loads of those around, I think they employed models to man the booths."
"No, no this was one of their sales people. She was wearing white blouse with the top two buttons undone."
"Including the collar?"
"Oh, make that 3 buttons!"
"Whoah, that's even more teasing than a low cut top.."
"Yah, fuck man, I TRIED looking at her face. Serious. But right, damn fucking distracting okay. My eyes like automatically glance."
"Dood, put it this way la. They can bitch about how men don't look at their face when talking, but when they dress like that while working, they actually want people to peek. Otherwise they won't dress like that, right?"


What's seriously funny is how true this is.

I'm yet to meet a woman that goes 'I soooo got their attention with my boobs. That's putting the fat bags to good use!'



um.. could it be possible that the shirt can't fit her breast? it is really hard to find a well-fit shirt for ladies with big boobs. not that she wanna wear shirts as her job requires her proper office attire. it is irritating when guys are only looking at a lady's boobs instead of looking at their eyes when talking.

Can't find a shirt?!

Gosh, how do all those fatties get around decently dressed?


my female friend told me her stories, about when she complains to her husband that some people looked at her. and her husband always shut her off by "if you don't want people to look at it, just cover up, don't complain"

"it is public properties, it is nothing wrong to look at it".


there's always a way around it la.. a cover with a light tasteful scarf, or find a proper fitting shirt. can lah. there's a lot of designs for tops out there, it's just whether u want to, or not.

stupid tart. men are ALWAYS horny.

but if it fits their boobs, it won't fit their shoulder or other parts. no one will really want to impress someone with an old-fashioned look. still, this time i stand with girls..

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