Saturday, August 01, 2009


Some things people get. Some things come naturally to certain people.

These things are a gift, a perspective. You cannot learn a new perspective. You cannot wake up one day and decide you want a new perspective. You have to experience it.

Yasmin Ahmad obviously had both the experience and the gift to share it without shoving it in your face.

This one though....he obviously doesn't quite get it. Yet.


screen shot of the 1Malaysia homepage

Step #1 : Welcome to 1Malaysia.
Step #2: Please segregate yourselves right now into orderly groups and click the button according to your groups. Thank you.

I say 'YET' because I hope he will get it eventually.

I don't care about the politics, but I do want him to 'get it' for our sakes. It is one thing promoting a togetherness. It is totally a different thing blatantly segregating people according to the races right from the beginning.


why isn't there one in tamil for good measure? now he's not only segregating us, he's discriminating some of us too!

now, just my thought..

say IF the site doesn't let us choose any languages?

if its only read-able in BM, we can all imagine whats the outcome..

if its only read-able in chinese, same thing

if its only read-able in English (i know its impossible but just IF), the site will get critics as well

my 2 cents


You could and should let people choose languages. But not so blatantly obvious like that.

This one just screams at your face.


if they just put BM and ENGLISH, it would not make as much of an issue by just putting BM, ENGLISH and CHINESE... (missing TAMIL, KADAZAN, IBAN, DAYAK, etc...)

It's not that they do not know this fact, somehow they didn't do enough auditing before launching the website..


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