Tuesday, August 04, 2009

throw 'em all in jail

1. Almost two years ago, in the aftermath of the BERSIH rally, I wrote an article calling the protesters hypocrites. I wrote, "A rally could have been held in a stadium where like-minded people could go and stay out of everybody else's way." Two years on, and a new government later, the Prime Minister says the exact same thing. No, I am not one of his advisors. I don't think he reads my blog either.

2. To refresh all your crappy memories (Malaysians do have crappy memories, which is the only explanation as to why people support Anwar Ibrahim), after the elections, the opposition blokes held a series of rallies in stadiums. In fact, wasn't this the largest rally since the elections? Why did they take to the streets after so long? What happened to their stadiums? Clearly, it was because the stadium rallies did not garner enough publicity and did not pull a large enough crowd.

3. Now, after people go for the street demo, they come back and complain. Because that is what Malaysians do. Idiots go for the rally fully knowing what to expect. Tear gas and water cannons. Isn't that what happens EVERYTIME? Only idiots do the same thing and expect different results. Want to make yourself a martyr? Good for you. Go there, stand in front of the water cannon, get shot like a rag doll by the water jet, then come home and keep quiet. You go there and challenge bullies who are stronger than you, and then expect them to treat you well? Are you fucking mental?

4. It's a good thing they have started to prosecute people for taking to the streets as they please. You fellas keep going on and on about how it is your civil rights to go and protest and shit. WRONG. It is not your bloody right. It is against the law. Just because you don't like the law, doesn't mean you can ignore it. Just because it goes against your perceived notion of 'freedom', it doesn't mean that law doesn't exist. Don't like the law?!? Too fucking bad. Next elections, gather all your friends and family to vote for the party who would uphold your notions of democracy. If that party doesn't win, that means the rest of us don't agree with your notion of 'freedom'. That is the essense of democracy, kapish?

5. Then you fellas also keep making noise about the police. "Police supposed to fight crime, not beat up innocent people." Okay, wait there. None of those people are 'innocent'. But let's not argue on technicalities, okay? Because you people are really talking out of your butts. If you people were so concerned about the police force and their role in demonstrations versus their role in fighting crime, you would know that in demonstrations and rallies worldwide, police have to be deployed for crowd control. In the recent G20 summit in London, the extra deployment of police cost GBP 8 million, to control a crowd of 5,000 people. Are you people mental!?!

6. All that money just to pay for your civil liberties?! Screw you. You are free to exercise your liberties as long as it doesn't cost other people a single cent and doesn't inconvenience others. So yes, if you ask me, all those people should be thrown in jail. And parents who allow their minor children to attend should be thrown in jail as well.

7. The point is, if you truly and really believe in democracy, you must also truly and really believe that the majority of people, the majority of whom voted the current government in, also agreed to their policies, no matter how draconian you believe them to be. Don't be a hypocrite and shove your nonsensical ideas in the rest of our faces.

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Brlliant. Fully agreed.

I prefer the spelling 'kapiche'. Looks more posh.

And is it just me or are you going for a Tun style blog post? Or was it the other way round...


What can I say? The old man's my hero.

Are you sure there are people who went to the rally and came back complaining about tear gas, water cannons? Any links? Cause I believe most who complained are merely bystanders who didn't appear and merely feel the pity.

No links. But plenty on FB.

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