Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sudah lama tak jumpa

(Updated version: 3 October)


It's actually been a month (give or take 2 days) since I last posted something. It's definitely been more than a month since I last bothered looking at the site counter. But you underlings shouldn't worry. I will be here. Off and on. For the time being, more off than on, but I won't ever stop.

The narcissistic asshole that has been writing stuff here for FIVE years hasn't stopped being a narcissistic asshole all of a sudden (side note: let's be dead honest here, anybody who owns a blog or posts on FB/Twitter is a narcissistic asshole - there are no two ways about it). It's just that I have been busy. Very busy.

Why are you busy at night, Vincent? Surely you don't work late into the night?!

No, I don't. Work doesn't keep me busy. Work doesn't even stress me. It keeps me occupied. I get home from work at 6. I get online for a bit and then take an evening nap before waking up for dinner an hour later. It's a good life this. I highly recommend it to you people who are inflicted with the God Complex (those are people who work till 10pm thinking the company will shutdown and go bankrupt if they ceased to exist tomorrow).

See, I have been studying.

The finance/banking people would know of the CFA thingy, and I am actually putting in effort studying for an exam which has a ridiculously low passing mark. I have never studied this hard in my life. Not for my SPM, not for A-Levels, and even not for my final year of uni. I would like to think that I have, for the first time in my life come across an exam in which the possibility of failing is very, very real.

So yes, I have been studying.

But there have been things which I wanted to talk about, you know...just to educate you people out there...but I just have not had the time.

I shall, however, spare time for one topic, because I think it's had really unfair criticism when the news broke (especially from the idiots who comment on Malaysiakini).

I am talking about Malaysia's very own F1 team. Now I am not using the real and proper name because I feel very geli everytime I hear that word, but in all seriousness, when I first heard the news, I was at work and The Star Online posted it as 'breaking news'.

I couldn't believe my eyes! This is awesome shit! This may be the excited little engineer speaking, but this is unbelievably cool! Think of all the possibilities! Loads of Malaysian engineers who dreamt of getting into F1 their whole lives now find it a real possibility. (I have never been one to be a fan of cars, so not really my thing - but it is still damn bloody cool!)

Of course it didn't take long for idiots people with different opinions to make their feelings known. Waste money la. People starving la. Corruption la. Di di da da. I have had this debate with no less than than 5 people since the news broke. Now that they announced it as a 'totally private' initiative with external funding, the criticism has died down a little bit.

But the arguments have been there from the start - Honda and BMW have pulled out, why are we going in? Critics say F1 burns a hole in your pocket. What kind of idiot are you? What kind of business can sustain itself over decades if they continously suffer losses? Of course it can be a profitable business! Maybe the F1 team itself loses money, but for car makers like Ferrari and Mercedes, this is actually damn good branding for them. BMW pulled out because they weren't winning anything and their involvement in the sport was beginning to damage their reputation as great car makers.

And I shall even go as far as saying this - even if the F1 team is funded by the government and hence the tax payers, and even if it makes a loss in the region of a couple of hundred million a year, it is still beneficial to the country as a whole. The technology transfer alone is priceless. The experience our engineers will get from it will be invaluable. That, coupled with the fact that the car will be locally made - this produces a huge knock-on effect. 225 jobs on the team itself - but how many thousands more to support the industry?

Plus, not to forget this goes a small way in reducing the brain drain issue. I knew a few really smart Malaysian aerodynamic engineers and composite material engineers working as research assistants in the uni in UK when I was studying. Maybe projects like this will be able to tempt them back home. I don't care much about the racing itself - I don't care if we finish last in every race? Who is to say we will?!? And even if we do - so what? Why? Scared malu? People who are afraid of being malu will never learn anything useful in life. And IF in a couple of years, things go sour and the investors decide to close shop and pack up their bags - so what? Surely we would have at least gained something from the whole experience? Is that not worth the investment?

Every now and then, someone needs the balls to do something outrageous. Someone needs to have the guts to have an idea so ridiculous that everybody laughs at him. And goddamn, but it is even more awesome when those people prove everybody else wrong.

"99 percent of the people will say we will fail, but I like it. This is my life, everybody have said I will fail" - Datuk Tony Fernandes

Post publication entry (3 Oct): I wrote the above, very disjointed after studying 3 straight hours and just needed to get it off my chest. Re-reading this article (and Tony Fernandes' awesome quote) made me recall a particular incident with MAS' former CEO Idris Jala, who everybody thought he was mad and a 'liar' for promising to turnaround MAS.

Below were a couple of links written by Raja Petra regarding the issue:

MAS Flight Delays: Idris Jala LIED!!
MAS is burning, Butcher from Shell is Fiddling

And if you did bother to read those two articles, it would be worth to note that that month, despite all the problems was MAS' best operational profit to that date. And boy, if you were Raja Petra, reading back that post, won't you feel like a total idiot?

Of course, Raja Petra is a total idiot in any case, but the point is, I imagine it must feel damn bloody awesome to do something totally outrageous and have everybody call you crazy - only for you to prove them wrong and shove it back in their red faces.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


"I am starting to get so sick of politics."

"Only now? These guys have been acting like morons since the beginning of time"

"It's not just one party. It's both sides that are being gutless idiots"

"Both sides? All sides you mean..."

"All sides?"

"Of course. Surely you don't believe that there are only two sides? I count at least 8 sides."


"There are two sides in PAS alone, two in MIC, at least two sides in MCA, and God only knows how many sides there are in UMNO....come to think of it, only PKR is firmly united because everybody rallies around that lying egomaniac whom without with the party won't function...."

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