Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 wrap up

It's been almost 2 months since I wrote anything here.

I used to say that I was busy. It was true, too. I had a crazy exam to study for. I had tons of books piling up, waiting to be read. This blog, which seemed so important just a few years ago gradually became a thing of the past.

But I won't shut it down. There are gems buried in the archives. As we grow up, our perception changes, we see the world differently, some of the opinions I made back then might probably be outdated now, although I am pretty adamant that I still stand by most of them. So no, the blog stays, for better or for worse. Michelle told me long ago that I should put the password for this blog in my will so that someone (the grandkids, I believe) could carry on.

I reckon, I will still use this as a reminder to myself. My thoughts, though cryptic at times, are primarily for me anyway, so this is a good place to pen them. Besides, I still love writing anyway.

2009 has been a relatively good year.

I say relatively, because all things good are relative anyway.

I got promoted this year, so the career seems to be going well. I've never had much problems with work anywhere I went, so I suppose that's a great thing. Financially, I've not had to worry about money this year too, the markets have been great, plus when you are good at your job, moolah tends to come your way pretty easily.

After my boast in last year's wrap up that I've never had to take a single day's sick leave in the 3 years I had been working, I got floored early on this year with a bloody kidney stone. This despite me drinking 4 litres of water a day without fail. Too bad, I guess. The doctor says that the magnitude of pain from a kidney stone is similar to labour pains so I think I now know what women go through, hah!

Traditionally, only those two things have ever been important to me - career (and money) and health. Family goes without saying. So, make that 3 things. I've never really cared about anything more. I've never really bothered to put much (or any effort) at my personal life. Perhaps it is time to change the game play and look at other things.

So let's take things one step at a time.

Everybody knows that the only reason I am here in this Hicktown is because of the job. And I love this job. But let's work on getting back to KL in the coming year. And let's make that my one and only target this New Year.

If you are new to this blog (chances, you are not - since I don't publicize it), there is an annual mantra that I recite this time of the year:

I am not going to wish you an awesome year ahead, because inevitably, there will be setbacks, disappointments and heartbreaks. I do, however, wish you the strength to overcome all that adversity, the tenacity to piss in the wind and the guts to stare down the barrel of a gun.

And above all, to enjoy the year ahead.

Happy New Year, folks!

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Happy New Year

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