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My mornings in the office usually start off with me arriving at the office, going through my mail and then preparing for the morning brief with my staff. In between all that, I somehow find the time to glance at The Star Online and read the top 10 headlines of the day.

Today, I was particularly busy and only managed to find time for that at around 4.30pm. So it was only around that time that I managed to read today's headlines about the government set to appeal the 'Allah' ruling.

I've always felt that in any argument, both parties are to blame. The Christians, I feel, are picking a fight. We all know that the Malay word for God is Tuhan. So unless Herald is printing Arabic versions of their newsletters, I can't quite understand what they are fighting for. And besides, if you ask any of those people who drive around with 'I LOVE JESUS' and 'WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?' car stickers, I wager my head that they would not willingly swap the word Jesus with Allah.

That said, we are supposed to be civilized people here, but I see that one of my friends has joined a Facebook group called MENENTANG PENGUNAAN NAMA ALLAH OLEH GOLONGAN BUKAN ISLAM and quite honestly the things being said in there are quite scary. You're worried about people getting confused? Isn't that why you have wise imams in the first place? Aren't you supposed to correct the misconceptions amongst your brothers? Your efforts should be channeled into worrying what you can do to help the confused rather than fight off other people.

So fellas, give and take, can?

That wasn't the main point of this post, but rather what lead to it. On my drive home, I kept thinking about this issue and how the world will change over the new decade.

I mean, it seemed like yesterday I watched Survivor: Pulau Tiga and remember thinking what an awesome concept this thing called "Reality TV" was. After 10 years, "Big Brother" and "My New BFF" and I reserve the right to retract my original opinion.

So, I was actually thinking what the world like would be in 10 or 20 years time. This gets a little convoluted, so try to keep up.

Consider the following facts:

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world compared to the 2.2 billion Christians. By the middle of the new decade, there would be more Muslims than Christians. The growth is exponential, meaning that sooner rather than later, if nothing is done, Christianity would be relegated to a minority religion, with Hinduism accounting for the 2nd highest majority.

Now, being backed into a corner inevitably means people will fight back. Well, probably not like they did one millennium ago where the Crusaders went at each other's throats with an axe and sword (I certainly hope not!). The New Crusades would be fought politically - heck one might argue it has already begun. The most powerful man on Earth is called Barrack HUSSEIN Obama!

Therefore, if you have a kid, tell him to forget about studying Geology to look for the last drop of oil. Forget about studying farming to support the increasing world food demand. In my (not so) humble opinion, those two would be relegated to the #2 and #3 most sought after profession.

I reckon, in the next decade or so, the most in-demand job (and hence, the most lucrative) would be that of a Christian missionary, paid to spread the word of God.

But that's just me. And I have been known to be crazy...

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Actually we take 3rd place before Hinduism with Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist - 1.1 billion.

Some would argue Atheism is a religion too.



Haha, I practice Vincentism. I think I don't have any followers, as of this moment.


we don't "give and take" in this country. we "tolerate".

"tolerate" is a euphemism for "endure/sufferinsilence until i find a reason to kick you in the face/butt/nuts".

and it's not just the minority that "tolerates" too, as evidenced in every religion/race-based controversy in malaysia.


Its good that you are taking a neutral ground in this issue. But first get your facts right. Jesus is never equate to God the Father. So the petty car sticker issue pointed out here is not in the right context at all.

second, Christian are not picking up fight. the one who raised the dissatisfaction of the use of word is not catholics but Muslim. The word Allah has been use by christian/catholics community for ages. You can find the word in most of the Indonesian or Sarawak's RC churches's bible (since 200 years ago) and songs.

By the way, in case you dont know. The God in Quran and the God in Old testament Bible is always refer to the same.


Susan, you claim that the ones who raised the dissatisfaction of the word is not Catholics but Muslims.
Give me a break man, don't sound like typical peaceful Jesus Freak vs Terrorist Muslim argument. Neutrals, especially atheists don't buy that BS (and atheists detests both Xtianity and Islam anyway). When Herald went to court challenging the Allah ruling, they're efficiently "picking up a fight".


Ladies and gentlemen, this is precisely why we are all screwed.

When everybody is adamant that they are in the right, a pissing match starts and you can't get out of it.


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