Saturday, February 13, 2010


Since I started working in this predominately Malay company some 3 years ago, the most common question around this time of the year is, "So, do you celebrate Christmas or Chinese New Year?" In the past one week, I was asked that question 3 times.

I used to get very annoyed. My friend Penthesilea gets very annoyed when people couldn't tell the simple difference between race and religion. She's a Chinese Muslim, and no, she isn't a convert. As you can imagine loads of people (and I imagine some of you out there too) scratched their head wondering how that was possible.

My friends tell me I have mellowed. A LOT. But I still give sarcastic answers when thrown stupid questions. But this is not a stupid question. It's a sad question.

It's sad to know that somebody can spend 30 years growing up in a so-called multi racial, multi cultural society yet never knew that Christmas and Chinese New Year are not mutually exclusive. This is the downright failure of the government's education system segregating kids from the get-go with the different types of school, colleges and universities.

We have no right to pride ourselves with the Visit Malaysia ads proclaiming our diversity as a selling point when in fact our citizens are really not that diverse. We are a bunch of people staying under the same roof but not really talking to one another. It's not that we hate or dislike one another (well, most of us logical ones anyway), it's just that we just don't talk quite enough. And we don't hang out quite enough.

This was meant to be nothing more than a Happy Chinese New Year greeting, and I don't wish to be too preachy. We can't have all this doom and gloom in the New Year now, can we?

So, enjoy your booze, enjoy your bak kua and enjoy the gambling.

Drive safe folks.

Happy New Year.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


We know this: The 3 people arrested and charged with the firebombing a church have pleaded not guilty and claimed trial.

Now imagine this scenario:

These 3 guys, through whatever legal means available to them keep postponing their court appearance through various technicalities. Their lawyers are so good, that they somehow manage to push their court date more than a year back. Meanwhile these 3 alleged crooks are allowed to roam free and give talks to anybody and everybody who would listen to them talk about their cause and why the allegations against them are politically motivated (because well, anything's possible, eh?).

Finally, when they have exhausted all avenues of postponing their trial, they show up in court like a Hollywood celebrity arriving for the Oscars - smiling and waving to an adoring crowd chanting their names. As they are led into the court, they pass a police officer in the hall and have the audacity to ask in a Joker-esque manner, "Dood, why so serious?!"

Imagine if those alleged firebombers did that, would you be outraged? How fucking pissed would you be that they made it into a comedy club circus? I would be majorly pissed! Even if I wasn't annoyed that it took more than a year finally haul their ass into court, I would be outraged that they are allowed to turn a court case against them into a soap opera.

Wouldn't you?!?

Now, think about it and then tell me...does this look like a guy is in court and might possibly spend 20 years in jail?

What I am saying is this: why the double standards? Why is this guy acting like a rock star and why is he being treated like a rock star? Because he told you he was framed? Hmmmm....that's an interesting thought. Would you accord the same treatment to those 3 alleged terrorists if they told you they were the scapegoat someone was looking for? Would you chant the name of an alleged rapist as he waltzed into court claiming innocence? After the trial is concluded, I suppose it is fair game depending on the results, but to put up this show pre-trial?!?

He is a genius at this game. The way it is playing out, no matter what the court findings are he ends up as a martyr. If he wins, he will point to "people's will". If he loses, he will point to it being a kangaroo court. I really don't see anyway the poor kid can come away victorious. (This is all allegedly, of course)

On a side note, it took Najib half a day to force his aide to resign over some ridiculously racist remarks, but this guy is still pussyfooting on Zulkifli Nordin more than a year since the Bar Council incident and the countless other despicable acts later including openly fanning the flames of the recent controversies.

I say, throw this guy in jail, so that other better Opposition party leaders can come in and then we can have a proper check and balance system going on in our country. We certainly can do without the circus we have now thanks to this bloke.

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